Saturday, July 18, 2009

Post-At-Game 91 Recap Thread


Aside from Jonathan Broxton loading the bases in the ninth inning, tonight's game was a breath of fresh air after a stale All-Star week. Clayton Kershaw was stellar, throwing seven innings of two-hit ball. Should he have pitched the eighth? Maybe, but I'd rather save him for the stretch run. Orlando Hudson went 3-for-4 with two runs, and Matt Kemp had two RBIs and scored a heads-up run in the sixth when Mike Hampton accidentally threw the ball away in frustration. In the end, it wasn't a laugher, but it was good for some smiles.

Sights from the game:

Happy birthday, Joe!

Four disabled veterans representing an organization called SoldierCare threw out ceremonial first pitches. They received an extended standing ovation from the crowd — a moving moment that was better than the game itself.

Dodgers photographer Jill Weisleder captures the moment.

Heroes of all kinds.

Dodger Stadium at dusk: one of Mrs. Orel's favorite things.

Matt Kemp batting in the sixth. Look carefully and you can see the ball.

New nickname for Mark Loretta: Nature Valley?


A post-game replay of James Loney reacting to a KISS ME LONEY sign during Kiss Cam.

photos by Orel/SoSG


Alex Cora said...

great pics! Love the Loney cam one.

karina said...

Lovely pics!. Loney's reaction was hysterical!