Tuesday, July 07, 2009

MLB.com's Graphics Department Needs Help

These are some pretty sorry looking Final Vote badges here--almost enough to make one pass up voting altogether. I thought Matt Kemp's looked pretty bad ("Vote Bison" sounds a lot better than "Vote Kemp," by the way), but just look at Mark Reynolds' mug shot. And Chone Figgins doesn't even get his picture on the damn badge. Which sixth-grade classroom won the badge design contest over at MLB.com?

I also noticed that Pablo Sandoval's picture couldn't fit on the badge, so they had to go with all text.

Click here to VOTE BISON!


Hong Like a Chih Kuo said...

I've been voting all day.

I'd vote for Pablo in a chicken wings eating contest. It certainly looks like he's enjoying all the MSG-laden goodness of San Francisco's many Chinese food restaurants.

Dusty Baker said...

Dodgers just sent out a "Vote SoCal" email, which touted both Kemp and Chone Figgins. I think this is a very classy move on part of Dodgers.