Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Let's Not Forget Pablo Sandoval's Other Highlights

Just one week ago, Pablo Sandoval's lackadaisical play running down a pop foul (which he dropped) cost the Giants the game.

ST. LOUIS — There's something in every team's playbook about not giving someone a second chance to beat you. Unfortunately, that page must be missing from the San Francisco Giants' copies.

When rookie third baseman Pablo Sandoval dropped a foul pop-up, the Giants gave St. Louis that second chance Wednesday.

And rookie Colby Rasmus made the most of it, hitting a home run three pitches later to beat the Giants 2-1 in 10 innings.

Rasmus had hit a 2-2 offering from Bob Howry high into the air but foul. Sandoval circled the foul ball then missed it after making what appeared to be a casual stab with his glove. Three pitches later, Rasmus ended the game with a shot to straightaway center for his first game-ending hit.

Yeah, let's Giants fans all rally behind the 500-lb clumsy guy who can't play a lick of defense, and has 94 hits entering play today (as does Matt Kemp; and, unlike Pablo, can play centerfield). Because the rest of our lineup sucks.


photo: UPI/Bill Greenblatt


Erin said...

Baseball Reference says Pablo has thirteen homers. Am I looking at the wrong Pablo Sandoval?

Steve Sax said...

Damn that stats page. Updated...thanks Erin

NicJ said...

I've heard from a reliable source that he eats babies. I'm just saying, do you want the last roster spot to go to a baby eater?


MR.F said...

ESPN: Where the stats page is as inaccurate as the analysis.

Erin said...

Giants were down 7-0 with one out in the bottom of the ninth. Pablo Sandoval came to bat and failed to give his team the lead.

Is this a guy you want to vote into the All-Star Game? I think not.

karina said...

I think the lead of Sandoval is being favored by venezuelan votes, specially Navegantes de Magallanes fans,his team over here, because he did very well in a underperforming season.

Magallanes and Leones are the most popular teams and for lots of media outlets, the only teams that matter (pretty much the same situation as Red Sox and Yankees)

Case of study: my younger brother, the rabid Magallanes-Mets fan, during today's breakfast, still bitter by last night's game.

Brother: Sandoval is going to the All Star Game, in fact, i've stopped voting, it's a sure bet, besides that Matt Kemp is not that good (fighting words)

K: you think he is an All-Star? remember how you had a streak of 15 winning games when you went to Magallanes-Aguilas at the Luis Aparicio ? remember he hit into DP twice and struck out with runner at third and two outs? remember you were wearing your Magallanes shirt and you had to endure verbal abuse because we won 5-0?

Brother: ended breakfast and left for work in silence.

Orel said...

Fight the power!