Thursday, July 02, 2009

In a World Without Manny

50 is the magic number: The Dodgers are the first team to 50 games, and Manny's 50-game suspension is over. Whee! Let's look at how the team did with and without:

pre-suspension suspension overall
record 21-8 (.724) 29-21 (.580) 50-29 (.633)
standings 1st (6.5 over Giants) 1st (7.0 over Giants) N/A
AVG/OBP/SLG .283/.376/.426 .266/.335/.387* .272/.350/.401*
HRs 24 (HR/1.21 games) 35 (HR/1.43 games) 59 (HR/1.34 games)

*not including yesterday's game

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The Masoli Times said...

Anyone see the Ringolsby article on Juan Pierre? Glad to see that Juan believes it's Gods plan for him to sit on the bench. I firmly believe that too!