Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Frank McCourt Rocks?

I recently discovered the website of Vanessa Preziose Photography. Preziose was present for two Dodger pre-season visits to the City of Hope facilities and captured, among many moments, this unexpectedly charming candid of Frank McCourt with a backing band of Andre Ethier, Hiroki Kuroda, Rudy Law and Charley Steiner.

Check out Preziose's galleries:
DAY ONE - Los Angeles Dodgers
DAY TWO - Los Angeles Dodgers


Josh S. said...

Is that Hiroki? He looks...different.

I want to know where Steiner got a copy of Acoustic Guitar Hero.

Josh S. said...

OK, he looks like himself in the other pictures. I think it's because I've never seen him without a hat (pimp or otherwise).

NicJ said...

Hiro looks younger with facial hair, maybe it will improve his ERA too.

Eric Stephen said...

Genius find, Orel!

Josh said...

Some band. Charlie, Andre, and Rudy are all using real instruments, and Hiroki's got a Guitar Hero guitar.