Friday, August 03, 2012

Who Will Win The NL West (ESPN)

It's a valid question, right? Well, as of 680 votes, SportsNation says it's going to be the Diamondbacks (43%). But more importantly, the ESPN article lists nothing more than the remaining schedules of the three contending teams. Here is the Dodgers' schedule:

Los Angeles
vs. Cubs (3)
vs. Rockies (3)
at Marlins (3)
at Pirates (4)
at Braves (3)
vs. Giants (3)
vs. Marlins (3)
at Rockies (3)
vs. Diamondbacks (4)
vs. Padres (3)
at Giants (3)
at Diamondbacks (2)
vs. Cardinals (4)
at Nationals (3)
at Reds (3)
at Padres (3)
vs. Rockies (3)
vs. Giants (3) Key stretch: Ten-game stretch against Cards, Nationals and Reds, Sept. 13-Sept. 23, could be big factor in division title and wild card.

Well, we're a half-game back going into this series. Play on.


Fred's Brim said...

Crank it up, fuckers!
Let's stomp a mudhole in that ass!

Paul said...

Dodgers are born to be alive!! Which reminds me I need to do another "This day in Flaming Menudos history" on the FB page.

Dusty Baker said...

Today is the 30th anniversary of the day FM introduced the world to the new dance: Mudhole Ass Stomp

spank said...

No static at all