Tuesday, August 14, 2012

PCS Current Standings & Puzzle Reminder

550 Possible Points
Puzzler PCS
Tour Points
1 1 BCCSweet 450
2 2 Ubragg 350
3 3 Golem 275
5T7Cliff Beefpile50

Good morning, PCSers! It's time for our periodic standings update! With only the Grand Slam and Season Finale puzzles remaining, BCCSweet has consolidated his lead somewhat. HOWEVAH, the PCS succubus, that saucy minx, is set to devour his top finish for the first-half finale next, meaning that there is a potential 150-point swing depending on who takes top honors for next week's Grand Slam puzzle. There is also a potential 75-point potential swing for second between Golem and Ubragg that will come into play if Golem is able to snag the top spot, as he did last week!

"I completely consumed both Jason and EK this week.
Who's next?"
If that wasn't enough to tune in for, next week will mark the long awaited return of cartoon bear porn! The Second-Half Grand Slam Puzzle gets rolling at 7am on Thursday, August 23.

You're welcome, Dusty.