Saturday, August 25, 2012

Just How Tahxic Is Bahston?

Consider a couple of Red Sox folks' actions, according to Buster Olney's latest column (link insider only):

If you want some insight into how at least a couple of major Red Sox star players are feeling about the situation in Boston, think about this: Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett both have the power to blow up the biggest salary dump in baseball history by just saying no and exercising their veto power, yet both are going along with the deal without asking for anything in return.

The MLB Players Association always encourages/nudges/pushes agents to never give away something for nothing, but, in this case, both players went along with the deal faster than a couple of guys exiting a burning building.

Crawford and Beckett are among the winners and losers of this deal, which will be announced today, barring some unforeseen wrench.

Winners: The Dodgers of 2012

They are markedly better today than they were before this deal. Adrian Gonzalez is perfect for their lineup, their lineup balance, their defense and their ballpark, and he knows the division from his many years with the Padres. Beckett might be energized, and he gets to shift out of one of the best-hitting divisions to one of the worst.

Winners: Magic Johnson, Stan Kasten and the rest of the Dodgers' ownership group

In less than four months, these owners have managed to completely rebrand the franchise, and, even if the Dodgers don't make the playoffs this year, they've set themselves up for a major bounce forward in attendance and interest and team success in 2013. The city might throw them a parade even if they don't win the World Series because, ding-dong, the Frank McCourt era is over.

Loser: The reputation of the Red Sox

Players and coaches constantly talk with players and coaches on other teams, which is why Boston's dysfunction and the toxic relationship between the Red Sox players and Bobby Valentine is so well known in other clubhouses, and it's how the stories of problems have been passed around the sport like a virulent flu.

Olney goes on to say that we will be screwed in 2017 with all the big contracts of aging Dodgers. Perhaps. I suppose we will deal with that later, hopefully when our farm team is stacked again.


Dusty Baker said...

Nick Punto just tweeted:

"Thanks to all the fans of #Red Sox nation, also thank you to all my teammates, coach's and staff."

Steve Sax said...

Again with the apostrophe misuse!

Should be a 50-game suspension right there

Dusty Baker said...

50 games isn't enough - people keep mis-apostrophizing and think they can get away with it.