Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Five Reasons to Love the Win-Now Attitude

Stan Kasten, Sandra Scully, Vin Scully and Mark Walter before Sunday's game.

Are you afraid the Guggenheim milestones will become millstones?

Especially after games like last night's, Dodger fans might be worried about the Guggenheim boys' potentially profligate ways. But here's why it's a good thing:

1. Win for Vin. We could end the list right here. We're lucky enough to get Vin back for next year. Who knows what happens beyond that? More than any player past or present, Vin Scully represents the Dodger Way. Who doesn't want to hear Vin call a World Series game at Dodger Stadium?

2. Matt Kemp. Number 27 is just 27 years old. He's in his prime, and locked up for what turns out to be a relative bargain at $160 million over eight years. This is the best homegrown bat we've seen in years. Pair him with...

3. Clayton Kershaw. The best left-handed pitcher the Dodgers have seen since...well, a long time. He wants to stick around. We want him to stick around. These are the kind of players you want to build a team around.

4. A relatively weak division. The Giants, still flush from their 2010 championship, have the best pitching in the division and should contend for years to come. The Diamondbacks are always dangerous, even with their recent front-office upheaval. But the Padres and Rockies figure to occupy the NL West cellar for years to come. The time is ripe.

5. There's more money coming down that pipeline. Cable-rights talks haven't officially begun yet, and already a figure of $4 billion is being thrown around. Think the Guggenheim boys didn't know their payday was coming?

Still not sure? Here are the two best articles about the Guggenheim acquisitions I've read so far:


Fred's Brim said...

My surl levels are off the goddamn charts this morning

Franklin Stubbs said...

Big time. I'm on at least a couple of games worth of baseball sabbatical.

Hideo Nomo said...

I'm going to keep watching, because it's clear I hate myself.

Johnny Blanchard said...

I am very excited about us making the WS and Fox not inviting Vinny to do the broadcasts or the laughable sight of him doing radio while DB "pales in comparison to his dad" Buck does the TV side with McCarver and sucks a blue streak.

I thrive on that shiite...