Saturday, August 18, 2012

Former Dodger Fred McGriff Calls Out Melky's Duplicity, Stupidity

Via Deadspin:

On the Melky Cabrera situation:

"Number one, we can't call Melky Cabrera a stand-up guy in the sense where, back in July, they asked him, ‘Hey Melky, there's rumors that you failed a drug test,' and he denied it. Now he's coming out saying, ‘Yes, OK, it was this drug, I apologize.' He's not a stand-up guy."

Isn't he just a guy that got caught and wants some sympathy?

"Correct. It's like, I'm sorry, but he's killed a team. He's going to miss the rest of the season. The National League has home-field advantage and he was the MVP of the All-Star Game. He might have cost somebody else a chance at the All-Star Game and now the National League gets the home-field advantage because of it. So its not like, ‘Oh, Melky, what a stand-up guy. Way to go dude!'"

You tell 'em, Crime Dog!