Tuesday, August 07, 2012

PCS Current Standings & Puzzle Reminder

550 Possible Points
Puzzler PCS
Tour Points
1 2 BCCSweet 483
2 1 Ubragg 400
3 6 Golem 175
54Steve K75
6 5 Eric Karros 67
T7 7 Jason 50
T7 n/a Cliff Beefpile 50

Well, would you look at that? The succubus seems to have eaten most of the first half competitors whole. Golem and Quad are both on the rise, but haven't erased the DNFs from their earlier schedule yet. EK and Steve K have both entered a pretty significant decline.

That is, of course, burying the lede. The big headline is that there is a new #1! Congratulations are in order, as BCCSweet has overtaken Ubragg on the heels of two top finishes!  Now, see if you can hold on to it!

A puzzle from the fecund mind of our very own Steve Sax drops 7am on Thursday, August 8. Be there!