Friday, August 10, 2012

PCS 5.9: Solution

Hope you enjoyed this. First, the challenge was to identify the images, each of which refers to the nickname of a famous baseball player (this page is a good reference).

As a reminder, here's the image:

Here's the play by play (columns read in order, left to right):

Player name
Hershiser, Orel
Incaviglia, Pete
Big D
Drysdale, Don
(the) Hawk
Dawson, Andre
Dewey (from Malcolm in the Middle)
Evans, Dwight
Nettles, Graig
Puckett, Kirby
Bender (from Futurama)
Lackey, John
Aaron, Hank
Yastrzemski, Carl
Eck ("Ecch")
Eckersley, Dennis
Iron Man
Ripken, Jr., Cal
Fat Toad
Irabu, Hideki
Nomo, Hideo
Suppan, Jeff
Crime Dog
McGriff, Fred
Famous Amos
Otis, Amos
Clemens, Roger
Killebrew, Harmon
(the) Bull
Luzinski, Greg
Evers, Johnny
Big Hurt
Thomas, Frank
(the) Bus
Tejada, Miguel
Howdy Doody
Evans, Darrell
Rizzuto, Phil

Some of these nicknames span more than one person, but hopefully the uniquely identifiable nicknames could point the way.

Taking the first letters of the last names, one gets "HIDDEN PLAYER IN SMOCK LETTER." Smock refers to the "prize" Mr. LA Sports Czar was awarded from winning the Assassins' Circle 2011. (Smock is not to be confused with Smonk, the original flavor sock monkey; a point I went back later and underlined in this recent post.)

So let's go look more carefully at that Smock post. Smock was awarded to Mr. LA Sports Czar in September 2011, and was accompanied with other prizes as well as a letter. If you go down and look more closely at the letter that accompanied Smock, there's a hidden name of a legendary Dodger running down the left-hand margin column (first letters of the first word of each row):

That secret word--a clue hidden and publicly posted almost a full year ago--is also the answer to this PCS puzzle: CAMPANELLA.

Congratulations to Golem, ubragg, and BCCSweet! And thanks again to SoSG Stubbs for letting me take the wheel for a PCS puzzle this season!


Hideo Nomo said...

Well hot damn.

QuadSevens said...

The puzzle planning of the Sons amazes me.

Despite my lack of comments, I was working on this puzzle. I had most of the pictures, but didn't make the connection that each one was a nickname. A couple were obvious (Yaz, Bulldog, Iron Man) but I never made the leap. Great puzzle!

Wasn't there another puzzle in the past that used a publicly posted note like this for a solution?

Dusty Baker said...

That is rich. Nicely played!

Fred's Brim said...

Saxy with the devastating PCS Time Bomb!

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Sax plays the long game.

Alex said...

you guys must all have big dome pieces


Dusty Baker said...


Did you note the hidden name in the letter when you got it?

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

I can honestly say that I did not.

Steve Sax said...

@Quad 8:24a: yeah, I hid a message in a fantasy football update, here.

I love hiding shit like that. Go long game!

QuadSevens said...

Oh yeah! That was very sneaky!

spank said...

Clever lad that Saxy.