Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mr. LA Sports Czar Gets His Assassins' Circle 2011 Prize

When Mr. LA Sports Czar won The Assassins' Circle 2011 contest, there was only one prize he wanted: Smonk. You see, MLASC narrowly lost out to Mr. F / fanerman in Smonkstakes, a bitter loss in a marathon contest over which MLASC has never been able to get.

And so, having won AC2011 in a sweet guns-a-blazin' duel, MLASC tweeted us immediately:

@sosgsosg I want Smonk for my prize. Make it happen.

And again:


So SoSG Orel and I got together to think about the prize we wanted to send Mr. LA SC, and started laughing about it over three or four glasses of scotch--and came up with this idea for a prize: SMOCK.

Like Smonk, SMOCK comes with a cute smile:

And he even has the SoSG logo tattooed on him:

And comes with a letter with instructions on how to care for Smock!

Mr. LA SC wrote us an email reply: it. (cries)

(We also included a Dodgers 2011 Media Guide with SMOCK, by the way. Come on, we aren't THAT cruel.)

Congratulations again to Mr. LA SC for winning the AC2011, as well as for his sense of humor. Onward to the next inane SoSG contest!


Josh S. said...

I'm not sure I want to know what loving a sock without conditions entails.

Kyle Baker said...

Actually, including the media guide for this team may be viewed as cruel.

Pistol Pete Reiser said...


I also don't think I want to know what Sax did with the other sock...

Neeebs (The Original) said...


That's next year's prize.

The "Sock" will be like the World Series Trophy, the Stanley Cup, the Lombardi Trophy.

SOSG now have "The Sock"

rbnlaw said...

Yo, FB, what'd you get for winning in 2009?

I got an El Pollo Loco gift card in 2010.


rbnlaw said...

Not that the gift card went unappreciated. . .until now.

I did give it to someone who needed a chicken dinner more than I.

And it wasn't Spank.

Eric Karros said...

So Fanerman wins both smonkstakes and smockstakes.

The latter by not winning.

Eric Karros said...

That said, I do think Smock is like totally rad.

And tubular.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Please, EK. You don't even know how much fun Smock is. It's like having a dog that fits on your hand.