Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Home of Lucasfilm Finally Gets Its Own Star Wars-Themed Baseball Event

It started in the minor leagues, then the Dodgers, recognizing an opportunity, did it. Then they did it again. The Padres, with a player married to the voice of Aayla Secura, got on board.

Now Orlando Z. writes with the latest:

Last week a Phillies' fan is hit by a car while crossing the street.

The Giants are 2-8 over their last ten.

They trade away prime minor league talent.

And now they are having a Star Wars night?

Why can't they have a shitty owner going through a divorce as well?

And — get this — their stadium giveaway is a triangular carbonite block toy with Han Solo on one side and Giants reliever Brian Wilson on another. Sounds like a trap to me.


danmae said...

Baseball has been my favorite game and I do not mind getting varicose veins for playing this sport. I am glad that your baseball event has gone this far.

Jason said...

That's not Brian Wilson. That is Casey Blake mocking Brian Wilson.

Josh S. said...

Wow. Finally something worse than Jar Jar stepping in poo-doo.


Orlando Zepeda said...

Casey Blake did have the beard first!