Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Post-Game Quotes From Don Mattingly (August 29, 2011)

Hey, look at this. In my stack of papers from last night's game (and I'll talk about this later), I've got a page of "Don Mattingly Post-Game Quotes" that must have been distributed in the press box following the Mattingly post-game session. (I went back up to the press box to "file" the morning post, using the Dodgers' wifi.) Words in italics are straight off the paper:

On Kershaw becoming a 17-game winner:

"He is my first 17 game winner. He was good, especially late. Early on I was hoping to get him through six or seven [innings], and then all [of] the sudden he had an 11-9-and-6 pitch inning. He kind of got cruising and got everything over, which made the decision late easier. Just that he was going so easy, again, made it a lot better."

Hmm, so my recollection of Mattingly's quotes from last night was pretty spot-on. Gotta love the ipad "notes" function, which I opted to type by hand rather than use the voice recorder.

On Andre Ethier coming through tonight:

"He swung the bat good. I was a little nervous on that slide going back into first. He bounced out of that, and swung the bat good tonight."

I remember hearing the "nervous on that slide going back into first" comment and couldn't recall off the top of my head when that happened in the game, so I scratched the quote.

On Kershaw being a potential Cy Young guy:

"There are a lot of good pitchers out, and guys having good years. Clayton is as good as anybody out there. You match him up with any guy and any team, which makes you feel like you've got a shot. He has been that guy all year."

Again, I'm glad I got most of that quote as well. There are also a couple of typos in the paragraph (some which I've printed corrected if they're obvious), so it's clear as I re-type them that they must have been done quickly.

On James Loney having a big night offensively and defensively:

"James, I love it! He made a great play on that bunt, not too many guys make that play like that. He swung the bat good, big home run to give us two extra runs. Even the first ball he hit down the line was smoked. He's right on the ball."

The paper's exclamation point. Not mine. Or Mattingly's, from my perspective.

I was there for all four quotes, so it looks like I was there for the main content.


Fred's Brim said...

When I worked for the media relations department for a hated ACC basketball team, I used to have to type up the post-game quotes like these. It was always a struggle typing these up because so many people don't speak how you write. Most coaches were OK but if you typed the words verbatim, they would sound like illiterate idiots. Bobby Cremins was by far the worst. If you simply typed the words that came out of his mouth, you would have thought he was from another country still learning the language.

I never really understood the purpose of these typed-up quotes because most of the writers had their stories filed before I could finish typing the quotes.