Monday, August 22, 2011

SoSG Road Trip: Kansas City (Part 1: Getting To Kaufmann)

So yes, a couple of us Sons are indeed in Kansas City. We saw a great game today watching the Red Sox @ Royals at Kaufmann Stadium. And though I'll save the rest of the uploads for another post, here's some photographic proof of our visit, up to the part when we go into Kaufmann Stadium itself:

Arriving at Kansas CIty airport late on Saturday night. There is no one here.

We arrive at our hotel, only to find that former prisoners of war in Romania should NOT use the club lounge. Geez, as if these poor people haven't been through enough.

The view from our hotel room. There was a chance that we'd get hit by thunderstorms, so a clear sky was good news.

Passing by the Kansas City Star headquarters. Pretty nice building. Who says print media is dead?

Our driver--not a Son--insisted on listening to Jeffrey Osborne when this track came up. And, he sang along. It was painful.

So here we come up on Kaufmann Stadium: the view from I-70. The Stadium is hard to miss; and, Arrowhead Stadium (the Chiefs) sits right next door.

We made our way into the parking lot and toward Kaufmann.

Royals fans are allowed to tailgate.

And play a little cornhole, as well.

This was the fine chap who let us into the Stadium. He said he has worked there 38 years. And he was super-happy to welcome us to the Stadium, even an hour in advance of first pitch.

More on this later--the extra helpings of ribs in my stomach merit another trip to the bathroom, so you've gotta excuse me.


Steve Dittmore said...

Wish I knew you were in KC guys, I might have made the trip from Fayetteville for the game with my son!

Hit up Gates BBQ, better than Arthur Bryant's, if you can. Also, I suspect this place is right up your alley...

Steve Sax said...

Ha, Professor--we were told about Gates and Oklahoma Joes (the latter of which was closed on Sunday). And this morning we had to get up early and hit the road, so we could make our second and final stop (we just made it into the hotel).

We did stop at Mizzou for a second, however, for lunch...