Sunday, August 28, 2011

Post-Game 132 Thread: Five-Spot Early Stops Dodgers' Win Streak At Five


Jim Tracy snuck out of this visit to Chavez Ravine with only a series-salvaging win, as the Rockies scored five early on starter Nathan Eovaldi (in the first), putting the Dodgers in a hole from which they couldn't dig out. Not that the Dodgers didn't have their opportunities, battling back for six runs and scoring in the first, third, sixth, and seventh innings.

But the frame that basically says everything was the bottom of the sixth inning, when the Dodgers, down 7-2 and rallying with leadoff walks to Rod Barajas, Trent Oeltjen (playing RF in place of the vocal Andre Ethier), AND Jamey Carroll...send up Eugenio 0-for-27 Velez, I suppose to keep the rally alive. He didn't, grounding to short on a fielders' choice that ended up being an undeserving RBI, and making Velez 0-for-28.

I was at the game and when I saw Velez in the on-deck circle, I got that taste of vomit in the back of my throat. Tony Gwynn ended up following Velez with a sac fly, scoring a second run, but Justin Sellers Kd to end the inning and the rally. The Dodgers went 4-for-13 with RISP and left 8 on base.

Velez. The guy who can't even get his jersey spelled right. Sheesh.


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Rick and Charley said Ethier had a batting helmet on when Velez was on deck. I know Tracy brought in a lefty, but did Mattingly send Velez anyway as a giant FU to Dre?

spank said...

Pampers should give Ethier an endorsement deal.