Friday, August 26, 2011

Post-Game 130 Thread: Yet Another Come-From-Behind Victory


One shaky inning (the seventh) felled Esmil Rogers and the Rockies, thanks in no part to Andre Ethier, whose charge home from third on a Jamey Carroll fly ball to shallow center field ran right past the outstretched arms of Dodgers 3B Coach Tim Wallach, and straight into a double play at home. Nice.

But Rogers, who had walked Ethier and Aaron Miles to start the inning (and had let Rod Barajas single to set up that aforementioned rancho ardiendo situation), was done in by himself. His intentional walk to Tony Gwynn was followed by a balck, scoring Miles and tying the game. Then Sellers continued his AB and singled to right, scoring two and putting the Dodgers up 3-1.

James Loney came up next and homered to right (his seventh), putting the Dodgers up 5-1. And Matt Kemp followed with his 30th HR to deep center field, ricocheting off the camera pit, to give the Dodgers an even six runs. That was all the team needed; Ted Lilly went seven strong innings with three hits and only one run (a Carlos Gonzalez solo shot), earning the win. Dodgers now have won four in a row and are a game back of Colorado for third place in the NL West.

Oh, and Vin Scully announced he is coming back next year. In a year of the depressable, the delightable has happened.


rbnlaw said...

Vin in 2012.

What more do we need?

Just played the 1988 Gibby home run call for daughter #2. She was in awe.

Win for Vin in 2012, goddammit!

spank said...

I need a beer.

Josh S. said...

Poor Charley Steiner. His Matt Kemp 30/30 club call will be immortalized with the blown stat of "30 home runs! 33 RBIs!"

Steve Sax said...

30 IQ!

Steve Sax said...

(Steiner, not Kemp)