Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jayson Stark Has Matt Kemp In The NL MVP Hunt, Begrudgingly

Oh sure, Kemp is mentioned in Stark's assessment of the NL MVP contenders, rightfully so given his incredible season. But could you write more disparaging words to describe both Kemp and the Dodgers?

• Matt Kemp -- Leads the league in offensive WAR. Has an outside shot at the Triple Crown. Is on pace to become the Dodgers' second member in the 30-30 Club. (The other? Raul Mondesi. Who else?) Sits at No. 1 in our ESPN MVP predictor rankings. The question is, does that make Kemp an MVP? Remember, he has done all this for a team that hasn't spent a day above .500 since April. "Can't do it," one NL exec said. "Can't pick him. His team's not even close to being in the race."

Talk about a left-handed compliment. And a strong NL East, Philly-loving bias.


Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

So Matt Kemp isn't the most valuable player because his teammates suck? Where's the logic in that?

Fernie V said...

That is why he needs to be MVP, no one in front of him to get on base, still a leader in rbi's. No one behind him to protect him, still a leader in batting avg.

Kyle Baker said...


Agree, but that's about all the narrative we have with which to spin.

Fernie V said...

They must all meet the same girl who has a foot fetish and bammo, toe infection.