Monday, August 22, 2011

Angels Lock Up a Weaver Brother

It's done. Five years. $85 million. A full no-trade clause. Congrats, Tony Reagins.

(And don't feel too bad for Jered's older brother. Jeff made $40 million over his career and still holds the Weaver head-to-head crown.)

Now if only Ned Colletti could do the same with Clayton Kershaw. A reassuring thought from Jon Weisman:

If Dodgers were to follow Angels-Weaver timetable, Kershaw would sign extension in Summer 2013. Enough time for a new owner to get in place.

photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images


Kyle Baker said...

I read this as "Angels Lock Up a Weaver, Brother!!!" in a wrestler tone.

Steve Sax said...

And then Dusty snapped himself into a Slim Jim.

Fernie V said...

I saw Brian Wilson and Tim licksomecum video.

Kyle Baker said...

Sorry, meant to cc: Delino