Monday, August 22, 2011

SoSG Road Trip: Kansas City (Part 2: The Fountains)

We entered Kaufmann Stadium through the right-field gate, so the obvious first stop was the right-field fountains...which were awesome. I mean, this is what Angels Stadium aspires to have with its cheesy Disney-like structure in center field, except these are fountains done right.

I appreciate that Kansas City is the city of fountains, so it makes sense that they would know what to do with them. The fountains are majestic, and not only because the tall fountains are juxtaposed with the cascading tiers of waterfalls. It's because it is SO FRICKIN' HOT in Kansas City--Ichiro was right--that the mist from the spray was refreshing. And needed.

Early entry into the fountains area. Big hat, but I wouldn't exactly say "no cattle." Actually, this usher was really nice and took some nice shots of us that I'll have to show later.

Don't even think about it.

The right-field fountains, standing erect. During the game itself, the tall fountains aren't shooting; just the waterfalls are going.

The center-field scoreboard, looking up from the base. This screen is unbelievable: crystal-clear (not so much from this angle, but definitely from across the way), magnificent colors, and gargantuan from any angle (including this one).

Coming back up the left side of the "Pepsi Party Porch" (a two-level porch with standing room only on the top and tall chairs on the bottom, which runs through the fountain area), you can see that they're already really psyched for next year's All-Star Game.

I almost signed up to volunteer for the 2012 All-Star Game. The nice gentleman behind the table was trying to enlist me, but when I told him I didn't live in KC he said it wouldn't happen. But then when I told him that if he accepted me as a volunteer, that there would be a shot that my wife would let me come back next year--he was intrigued. (I didn't sign up.)

Next recap from KC: The fun stuff.

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