Tuesday, August 16, 2011

He Wants To Be A Part Of It: McCourt, McCourt

The four litigious Dodgers season ticketholders just got another voice asking for a seat at the bankruptcy table...and it's a big voice at that:

WILMINGTON, Delaware (Reuters) - The estate of Frank Sinatra, a long-time Los Angeles Dodgers fan, has joined four other season ticket holders to ask a bankruptcy judge for an official say in the baseball team's future.

Nancy, Frank Jr. and Tina Sinatra and the other ticket holders are seeking recognition as an official committee to advocate on behalf of Dodger fans who generally blame team owner Frank McCourt for its financial problems.

They did not specify their concerns or motives in a filing with the Delaware bankruptcy court. But an official committee would speak on behalf of all season ticket holders, and would have some or all of its expenses for lawyers and advisers paid by the Dodgers.

The family of the singer known for such standards as "My Way" and "New York, New York" and for acting in films such as "From Here to Eternity" has held season tickets since the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles from Brooklyn, New York for the 1958 season, according to court documents.

Wonder if the Sinatra family has another pair of boots made for Frank McCourt's walking.


Fernie V said...

Frank must of had some big balls, cause his kids just walked into the court and told mcCourt to bend over.

"what you don't know who I am"

Fernie V said...

That would be cool watching the dodgers on tv listening to Vin and the camera pans to Frank. Vin says, " and there is old blue eyes, and Koufax strikes out another."

Josh S. said...

I wouldn't mind if some of Sinatra's "associates" got involved.

spank said...

It was a very good year. NOT!