Thursday, August 18, 2011

Post-Game 123 Thread: Winning Is Easy As Game #123


Come on come on come on, let me show you what it's all about:

You go to Miller Park, girl,
Where you've never won a game before.
And even though Kershaw is starting
You've still gotta try and score.

Now now now 5-through-8 dudes,
Get some RBI,
Guerra will make them take a seat,
Off to Colorado you will fly.


spank said...


Keven C said...

dodge, dip, dive, duck and dodge

MR.F said...

We make party!

QuadSevens said...

I'll be infiltrating enemy grounds tonight with free tickets and parking to the Los Angeles Angels of Santa Monica Costa Mesa Huntington Beach and Anaheim tonight. Dodgers hat will be worn.

Fernie V said...

Gagne had "Welcome to the Jungle" and Guerra should have 123, abc.