Tuesday, January 04, 2011

SoSG Fantasy Football: Final Standings and 2010-2011 Winner Crowned!

Mr. LA Sports Czar, take it away:

The turbulent four months are over, and we have a winner in the first ever Sons of Steve Garvey Fantasy Football Challenge:


That's right. The Razorback scholar rode the waves of Andre Johnson, Aaron Rodgers, and Mike Wallace over the course of the season to stand alone at the top of the mountain, dispatching Paul in the championship game by a score of 185-135. And as such, to the victor go the spoils. I have the esteemed honor of presenting the Professor with his grand prize: a 2008 Topps Juan Pierre card! That is again right; he gets to relive that magical 2007 season when Pierre had a .293 batting average and .684 OPS. But wait, there's more! Because Paul gave such a great effort, he will be receiving a consolation prize of his own: a 2010 Topps Heritage Chris Getz card! Pour over the minor league numbers of the Topps 2009 All-Star Rookie, from his time in Great Falls to his days in Charlotte. I just need their mailing information [Sax's note: Professor Dittmore and Paul, please send an email to me, and I will forward on], and they will receive their riches in six to ten business days.

Final standings are as follows, from top to bottom:

  • 1 Professor Dittmore
  • 2 Paul
  • 3 Mr. Customer
  • 4 Dusty Baker
  • 5 Meaniebreanie
  • 6 MLASC
  • 7 Jason
  • 8 Karina
  • 9 NicJ
  • 10 Spanky

Thanks to everyone who participated. It was a lot of fun, and now that we have our feet wet, we can hopefully do it again next season. Except for Professor Dittmore. Nobody likes a sore winner.

And thank you to Mr. LA Sports Czar for serving as Commissioner (and Dusty Baker for his additions and wrapups), for everything this inaugural season. We must do this again.

In fact, in considering the prospects for the Dodgers' 2011 season, "fantasy baseball" sounds pretty apropos.


Steve Dittmore said...

Nice reference to Rhodes Scholar in the first sentence, MrLASC.

I'd like to thank Spanky who made this win possible. Spanky dropped the following players during the season who made contributions to my team's run: 60 Minutes, Billy Cundiff, Jerome Harrison, Jay Cutler and Brandon Jacobs.

To show my gratitude toward Spanky, upon receipt of my coveted first place prize, I will send to Spanky a 2008 Topps Andruw Jones.

Woo pig sooiee.

Fred's Brim said...

Nice work, P Ditty!

Were you a Rhodes Scholar?

If you were once a Rhodes Scholar are you always a Rhodes Scholar?

Steve Sax said...

If so, Professor, from what state? Are you like Bill Clinton, from Arkansas?

Steve Sax said...

For the record, the extra prize SoSG is kicking in will NOT be a Rhodes Scholarship. Sorry, Professor!

Steve Dittmore said...

Clearly I was not a Rhodes Scholar, just thought it was a clever play on words. Had never set foot in Arkansas before job interview.

Strange few days here: tornado kills 3 in my county on NYE and now birds and fish showing up randomly dead. This reminds me of a bad Bruce Willis movie.

spank said...

You ever get the feeling people are laughing at you not with you?

Fred's Brim said...

@Spank - Don't feel bad, I was last in both of my leagues this year (including a 1-win campaign). My football teams are the Bills and Duke. Foosball is clearly not my sport

Nostradamus said...


Well, he kicked my ass twice. I'm laughing with you.

spank said...

I'll take solace in the fact that my name appears before Ditty's on the Championship Congrats from ESPN.

Eric Karros said...

Congrats Ditty! (and Paul...and Spank)

Next season (if there is one), I'm starting a fantasy fantasy football league in which Ditty is projected as the #1 pick.

Steve Sax said...

Cool idea, EK. I'll start a fantasy fantasy fantasy football league in which I bet that you will do just that.

Betsy said...

High Five for having a lady in the top 5!

karina said...

Betsy, you should have played! (and Karen, if she happens to read this)

Congrats, Professor :)

I enjoyed to be in top briefly and I did win over the Professor the first week! but thanks to Roddy White and Michael Vick, I couldn't live to the hype!

karina said...

I'm in for fantasy baseball, just sayin'

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible if the prizes are damaged. Take that up with the United States Postal Service.

MR.F said...

Congrats Professor!

I'm also down for fantasy baseball.

Nostradamus said...

I've dabbled in the ways of fantasy baseball, but I find the inherent conflicts of interest hard to deal with.

At least with the NFL, I don't care much who wins in the real world.

MeanieBreanie said...

Congrats to P. Ditty and my fellow league members. MB is scratching her head figuring how she ended up next to Dusty who was kicking everyone senseless until the end. Such is the life for FF.

Thanks for putting the league together. Playing was so much fun! I hope you include me next year. Now that I am no longer a FF virgin, I plan to give it holy hell the next time ;~))