Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Poll: Pick Your A-Rod

Which A-Rod has the best trophy collection?
Alex Rodriguez (5 HR titles, 3 MVP's, WS Ring, Cameron Diaz)
Andy Roddick (US Open title, Brooklyn Decker)
Aaron Rodgers (highest career QB Rating in NFL history, Hillary Scott (or Jessica Szohr? I'm not sure))
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Pistol Pete Reiser said...

I've met Andy a few times, though I'd hardly consider us anything more than acquaintances (used to play a lot of tennis back in the day)... a great, nice, decent kid.

But, omg. OMG.

The tail he gets would make the Hef blush.

rbnlaw said...

This a completely sexist poll, designed to get salivating males to declare their adoration for impossibly beautiful female supermodels. Those responsible for this poll should be sacked immediately.

I totally voted for Roddick. The girl named for the borough is smokin.

spank said...

My vote is for A-Rod:Alberto Rodriguez of Ivy Street.He has an El Camino,4 girlfriends,10 kids and no job.

MR.F said...

Aaron Rodgers. Go Bears!