Saturday, January 08, 2011

Torre To Join MLB As High-Ranking Muckety-Muck

Guess the idea of having Torre working for the Dodgers under the McCourt administration might not be that appealing to Torre...:

NEW YORK -- Joe Torre has been in definitive discussions with Commissioner Bud Selig to join Major League Baseball as executive vice president of baseball operations, a source confirmed on Saturday.

The report that the former manager of the Yankees and Dodgers was interested in the position first emerged on Saturday in the New York Daily News.

Torre would take the job most recently filled on a full-time basis by Jimmie Lee Solomon, who was re-assigned within the MLB hierarchy this past summer. Since then, John McHale has been in that position on an interim basis with Hall of Famer Frank Robinson overseeing the umpires, security and on-field baseball operations. [...]

Torre has said since he retired that he's finished with managing, but wants to remain in baseball and is looking for a new challenge. He's one of four managers on Selig's special committee that is considering on-field changes in baseball on the eve of collective bargaining for a new Basic Agreement, which expires this coming Dec. 11. Tony La Russa of the Cardinals, Jim Leyland of the Tigers and Mike Scioscia of the Angels are also members of the committee.

Torre had been talking to the Dodgers about a consulting position in that organization and said under any circumstances he'd like to remain in the Los Angeles area, where his family is happy and his daughter is going to school.


Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

You know who would make a great addition to the MLB front office? Adrian Beltre.


Kyle Baker said...

And he wouldn't need to wear a cup for that job, either.

Josh S. said...

Torre running all of baseball operations? Has anyone checked to see if MSTI and MOKM are still alive?

(Not baiting, I just know they're not Torre fans.)