Thursday, January 13, 2011

Checking In on My New Year's Resolutions

First off, apologies for my recent absence from this blog. I got busy, then sick, then lazy. But mostly lazy. And a big thank you to SoSG Sax for carrying the load — in appreciation, here's a VIP card for the Crazy Horse Too in Las Vegas, courtesy of Neeebs. Enjoy!

Oh, and happy 2011! What, I'm weeks late? That brings me to my first resolution:

1. Stay timely. This post was due last week. Never mind.

2. Don't complain about Ned Colletti's moves. Hey, not every team can afford Cliff Lee. Or Jayson Werth. Or Adrian Beltre. What? Our second baseman for THE NEXT THREE YEARS is Juan Uribe?


3. Don't clog up posts with hyperlinks. Not that there's a lot going on right now (pictures here). Some are looking to the future, while others ponder the past. Us? We're right here waiting for you.

4. Don't kiss ass. Hey, have I mentioned what a great job Dodgers Vice President of Communications Josh Rawitch and his staff are doing? Keep it up, guys!

5. Less gratuitousness. Less gratuitousness? Check.


Eric Karros said...

I guess that makes you 0-for-5. So...leadoff?

Neeebs (The Original) said...

That's my card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kyle Baker said...

I resolve to do a better job of helping to transcribe Vinny vignettes this season.

Kyle Baker said...

Yes, props to Sax for his continuing barrage of rich content posted in this space; the man is a machine!

Good to see you back in the fold, Orel.