Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Not Picking Up Beltre Would Indeed Be A Head-Scratching Move

Especially after looking at this link, which was called "the greatest thing I've ever seen" by Aaron Gleeman of NBC Sports bloggery:

This probably qualifies somewhere between “weird” and “the greatest thing I’ve ever seen,” but apparently Adrian Beltre really, really hates when people touch the top of his head.

So naturally his teammates on the Red Sox last season–and Victor Martinez, in particular–did it frequently to upset him in the dugout,...

Awesome stuff. Make sure you also see pages two and three.

UPDATE 9:53p: Beltre has apparently arrived in Dallas to take a physical, "the final hurdle in the deal negotiations." I'd love to think Ned was waiting at DFW with a counter-proposal deal in hand...but I'm pretty certain that's not happening.

UPDATE 1/5/11 11:25a: It's done. 6 years / $96M.



Orel said...

Another reason we need to get him back!

Fred's Brim said...

that is weird

Steve Sax said...

Beltre update added to post (he's in Dallas now, apparently)

spank said...

Rule #1

Don't FUCK with the shell!