Thursday, January 06, 2011

Beltre Inks Rangers Deal; SoSG Sax Can Finally Start Grieving

All right, all right, it's over. Done. Adrian Beltre is officially a Texas Ranger, returning to the division that gave him fits (his OPS+ of 101 with Seattle was the lowest among the Dodgers (OPS+ 108) and Red Sox (141)).

Six years, up to $96M. I get it. I'm no longer in denial.

However, did I mention that recent statistical evidence indicates that, contrary to popular belief, Beltre does not appear to be particularly motivated by contract years? An excerpt from the Dave Cameron piece:

The theory that Beltre is motivated by the chance to make significant money and uses that to perform better is riddled with problems. The largest of those problems is selective use of data, by only focusing on 2004 and 2010. In reality, Beltre has had five seasons in which he was playing under an expiring contract. More often than not, he’s performed worse, not better.

But no, I'm not bitter.


Kyle Baker said...

SoSG Lasorda: Dead Man Walking

Pistol Pete Reiser said...

We'll always have '04.

So, uhm,

Eric Chavez is a zombie, right? Only reason I can think of why he seems to keep coming back from the dead...

Maybe he's a Jewish carpenter?

spank said...

Is that Barbaro?

karen said...

At least he's not in the NL West.

rbnlaw said...

Him and Carlo Ancelotti.

Sorry, had to be said.


Steve Sax said...

Does this mean I'm going to wake up with Beltre's head in my bed?