Monday, January 31, 2011

OT: LA Security Company Referral For A Fellow LA Blogger

Had an opportunity to catch up on some reading this weekend, and (through LA Observed) I found an disturbing blogpost over at Table Conversation which detailed the aftermath of a home invasion robbery that just looked sickeningly inhuman. The author of the blog, who has written cookbooks and food/dining articles for Bon Appetit and the LAT, had her house pillaged, with sentimental items strewn everywhere and containers ravaged and broken.

It is so wrong.

And Ms. Hansen is trying to put her life back in order.

Now I know this has nothing to do with the Dodgers, or baseball, or sports, or pop culture, or any of the other myriad things on which we regularly post. Those of you who have read my myriad valentines to Dodger Stadium know that one of the things that I love about the Stadium experience is that it is one of the only places in Los Angeles where a city, separated by neighborhood divisions and solo-driver cocoons and income strata, can come together as one unit for a common cause: to cheer on the good guys.

2010 was a rough year (both on the field and off), and I have no intention of going through another year of sadness. I know, on the one hand, SoSG has nothing to do with Table Conversation; I confess that I had never even read it before this week, I've never met Ms. Hansen, and I don't think I've ever read her work. (I do like wine and travel, though.)

But on the other hand, SoSG has everything to do with Table Conversation--we're a Los Angeles blog, too. And this is our community. And if seeing pictures like what Ms. Hansen posted pisses you off just as much as it made my blood boil, then maybe you'll be compelled to lend a hand as well.

So I reached out to her via her site, and we exchanged a couple of emails. She is clearly shaken, which is understandable. Maybe a shout-out from a random stranger is inappropriate after one's space had been so violated, but Ifigured at the very least it might give Ms. Hansen a droplet of restorative hope about humanity, especially here in the big city of LA. Ms. Hansen's only request was for some referrals on a good security company here in LA. It is the least I can do to solicit that request here.

I know there are plenty of good causes out there, and I hope I don't alienate those of you who come to this site for a Dodgers fan-based fix (or aggravate any of you who have had causes in the past that I might not have noted; there was just something about this particular incident that really got me). But ever since starting this blog, I've been absolutely blown away by the SoSG readers' resourcefulness and knowledgebase about everything and anything. I know this post is waaaaaay OT, and I apologize. But I have a deep hunch that you all will rise to the challenge here...

So have at it, dear readers: any recommendations for a fellow Los Angeles blogger in need?


Orel said...

We're happy with Protection One, although any alarm system is only as effective as how well you maintain — and remember to activate — it.

Be sure to prominently display the alarm signs and stickers that come with the system.

Also, get a dog. Dogs make everything better!

Steve Sax said...

Here's another option: Don Moore, Moore Protection. I am not making the obvious pun.

Cliff Beefpile said...

My bosses have a fancy house with a security system, I'll ask them who they use tomorrow when I see them.