Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ken Levine Sailing for Aqua-er Seas?

From "Mariners to use committee to fill Niehaus' spot" at (via @MikeSciosciasTI and @dodgerthoughts):

The Mariners have made a decision on how best to replace Hall of Fame broadcaster Dave Niehaus, with the answer being to use a group of familiar personalities to fill the void created by the passing of the franchise's longtime voice.

Randy Adamack, the Mariners' vice president of communications, confirmed Wednesday that the club will employ at least five announcers with prior experience in the booth on a rotating basis to work primarily with Rick Rizzs on radio broadcasts for the upcoming season.

Rizzs, who worked alongside Niehaus for 25 years, will be the main play-by-play man on radio. His partners will be Ron Fairly, Ken Levine, Ken Wilson, Dave Valle and Dan Wilson, with more names possibly being added to that list, Adamack said.

(Bolding ours.) How this affects Josh Suchon and DodgerTalk remains to be seen, but congratulations to Ken Levine on his return to the play-by-play booth. We hope there'll still be room for his humor somewhere on the Dodger airwaves.

UPDATE: From @dodgerthoughts:

Clarification: @KenLevine will be a part-time color commentator, fill-in PBP man for Mariners.


Kyle Baker said...

WHAT? No! Boooooo! Don't let Ken leave, Frank!

I think he does a great job and he also knows a lot of cool, obscure history with the Dodgers and LA in general...he's an LA and Hollywood guy - he shouldn't leave to go work with those coffee sippers.

Nostradamus said...

He does do an especially good job at humiliating unruly and uninformed DT callers (reduntantly reduntant, I know). I'll miss that.

Kyle Baker said...

Only a few people in the world can do that, Mr. C.

Steve Sax said...

If he's part-time color then I assume the other part is black-and-white