Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Someone Dared Write Something Negative About Arte Moreno

If you're an Angels-hater — I'm not, but we know you guys are out there — Danny Knobler of CBSSports.com has got your back:

So Adrian Beltre is headed for Texas. Anyone want to hear what Arte Moreno has to say now?

I don't.

It doesn't really matter what the Angels owner says now, does it? It doesn't matter if he says again that he's going to spend whatever it takes to put the Angels back in the playoffs (that was October ). It doesn't matter whether he says that he couldn't sign Carl Crawford because he would have had to raise ticket prices, but that he had made "what we believe is a significant offer" to Beltre (that was December).

It doesn't matter now, because Crawford is in Boston, and Beltre's deal is all but done in Texas.

It doesn't matter, because now not only have the Angels shown they're not prepared to compete financially with the big boys, but they've shown they can't even compete financially with the big boys in their own division.

While the Rangers have certainly ripped the AL West focus from the Angels, it seems early to count them out — especially since the A's and Mariners don't figure to provide much competition.

UPDATE: Pile on! Missing on Beltre is Angels' latest whiff (Jon Paul Morosi, FOXSports.com)