Saturday, January 22, 2011

Angels Revise Commemorative Baseball for 2011

Earlier: Angels Unveil Commemorative Baseball for 2011


Kyle Baker said...

Or "50 Years - Until We Pay Off Vernon Wells"

karina said...

if it weren't the Angels, I'd say it's a very funny and cruel joke...but this is HILARIOUS, Orel.

*high fives*

karina said...

guys, Hector Gimenez just gave a HR on a extra game on playoffs! he's injured and he was jogging through the bases so a comparison with Kirk Gibson was made.Some viewer asked who Kirk Gibson is and why he was compared to Gimenez *sighs*

it's Gimenez fifth HR in 17 playoff games and he's been injured for a while now. I just hope Gimenez current pop is a virus and spreads all around the Dodgers clubhouse in the spring training.

Orel said...

Hector Gibenez?

Thanks for the good news, Karina — always nice to know we have some talented youngsters.

Steve Sax said...

Kansas loses at home.


Kyle Baker said...