Monday, January 31, 2011

For Disgruntled Dodger Russell Martin, Forecasts of Smooooooooth Sailing Ahead in New York

Because New York Yankees legend Jorge Posada is sure to move on to his DH role without a word, according to ESPN:

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. -- Jorge Posada knows he's entering spring training as the Yankees' full-time designated hitter, but he's still going to bring a catcher's glove to Tampa.

Posada, speaking for the first time publicly about his new role as the Yankees' everyday DH, said on Saturday night that he looks forward to his new DH duties. But, make no mistake, Posada expects to catch at some point in 2011.

"You know what, it is what it is," Posada said of his new role. "I look forward to everything I do. I try to help out the team and if that's going to help out the team and if that's what they want then I'm OK with it.

"It's going to be tough during the season to see tough games ... behind the plate," he added. "Obviously that's going to happen. But other than that, if we are doing well and the team is doing well it's going to be a little easier." [...]

"I'll catch, I'll catch. I'll catch this year. You know, I'll DH and then they're going to want me to catch one of those days," Posada said during an appearance at the Hillside Food Outreach benefit, hosted by Bernie Williams. "... I'm keeping open minded; I would love to catch. I'm training like I always do. And if I have to catch, I'll catch."

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman informed Posada in November that he would be the team's full-time designated hitter. Russell Martin will enter spring training as the Yankees' primary catcher. Francisco Cervelli, Jesus Montero and Austin Romine are expected to compete for a reserve role.

Cashman said earlier this week that Posada would only catch in emergency situations. The fiery veteran said on Saturday that he didn't question Cashman's decision back in November.

This is shaping up to be the ultimate battle of .248 hitters. Good luck with that, Russell!


Steve Sax said...

@Josh S: is there a scenario where "it is what it is" does NOT mean "this is bullshit"?

karina said...

it is what it is when I see Russell Martin wearing Yankees pinstripes...

Josh S. said...

Well, it often means "I/we sucked on ice," when referring to one's individual or team performance.

Steve Sax said...

"the ultimate battle of .248 hitters" : new york :: megapython vs. gatoroid : syfy

Fred's Brim said...

If Russ starts dating Deborah Gibson, head for high ground