Thursday, August 05, 2010

Mascot Mauling in Seattle

I heard this on Colin Cowherd this morning (I was flipping channels! Give me a break!), and couldn't believe it; someone attacked a IHOP pancake mascot:

BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- It was a rough day in the pancake suit for the 19-year-old woman dressed up as International House of Pancakes' mascot Suzie Pancake.

Bellingham police spokesman Mark Young says the pancake mascot was outside a Bellingham IHOP, waving at folks on Tuesday afternoon, when a 22-year-old man approached and began yelling at her and hitting the suit with his hand.

Young says a passer-by stopped the man as he tried to hit the mascot again and the assailant then walked to a bus stop. The mascot retreated inside the restaurant, where the manager called police.

Young says the man was tracked down and cited for disorderly conduct. He reportedly said he'd been joking, and denied hitting the pancake.

The spokesman says the woman was not injured but was sent home early because of the stress.

I don't know what's more mind-blowing for me: the fact that someone (besides Randall Simon) would take out his aggressions on a mascot; or the fact that there's actually a person inside that pancake and that it's only a costume.

"Don't eat my face. DON'T EAT MY FACE!"


Greg Hao said...

Shit gets real in Seattle Son!

Pride of Dong said...

As a ex H.T. Bee from Home Town Buffet, I can tell you, people try and fight you. I can't tell you how many times my size 50 Airwalks were almost stolen from me!

Jason said...

Maybe it was the guy that normally wears the Mariner Moose outfit. He figured the Mariners' season was a giant flop and was worried about being replaced by a more team-performance-appropriate mascot.

Bellingham is much closer to Canada than Seattle so my guess is the former-Moose/alleged attacker may have been returning from Vancouver's Little Amsterdam neighborhood and had a huge case of the munchies which only a really huge pancake could satisfy.

Finally, not only does that IHOP have its own mascot, but it also has its own website. They are currently looking to hire a sous chef amongst other, less glamorous positions.

Loney Fan said...

There is NEVER an excuse for listening to Cowherd.

Nostradamus said...

The prehensile dimples are quite terrifying.