Friday, August 27, 2010

Presenting: The Alex Cora 2010 Watch

Credit Matt Meyers of ESPN the Magazine a couple of issues ago for catching this nugget about a former Dodger and current Son of Steve Garvey:

Alex Cora

2011 Option: $2M

It vests if... he plays in 80 games

Didn't the Mets realize that Luis Castillo is unable to stay healthy? Apparently not. They've been forced to use Cora far more often than a 34-year-old with a .270 OBP [Sax's note: it's now .265] deserves, and it looks like they'll be stuck with him again in 2011.

Guess the Mets are subscribers to ESPN the Magazine as well, as Cora had appeared in 62 games through the team's 106th game (August 2), putting him on pace for just under 95 games across the full season. Since August 2, however, Cora has sat--and the Mets have now played 127 games, putting Cora on a pace for 79.1 games. Ouch. Looks like that $2M is going to be out of reach...

I'm sure Alex's brother Joey is looking at this and saying, "Whoa."


Josh S. said...

It must be rough being the only Son still active in baseball.

(..if you can call that active.)

Kyle Baker said...

I seen Eric Karros on tha TEE vee before last Saturday's game, 'splainin what Loney was doing wrong at the plate. EK looked like he could still jack one out the Yard and he had more mobility than AC does.

Alex Cora said...

I was worried that I wouldn't make the 80 games, so I thought I could make up the salary with this blog. Unfortunately, they are paying me in Dodger Empire Strikes Back posters and old stale peanuts left over from the games they attend.

MeanieBreanie said...

AC - I thought the Sons got rid of Pedro to make up for the salary differential. MY BAD!

Nostradamus said...


When Pedro was here, he was only being compensated in surplus magnet schedules and old shriveled grapes that had rolled under the refrigerator.

MeanieBreanie said...

I guess everyone has their price. Talk about a cheap date!

And with that I'm out of here to go join friends for a few drinks. I'm ready to put an end to what has been a truly bad week. If I make it back in time I may join the SoSG bar and help close it down.