Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Frank McCourt Respectfully Suggests An Alternative Reality To Jamie's Latest Allegation

Unlike Carla Hall’s one-sided LAT piece on August 24, Bill Shaikin got opinions from Frank McCourt’s side in his piece today. And surprise surprise, Frank McCourt says that Jamie’s contentions last week about the tampered documents (which claim that Frank is the sole owner of the Dodgers) aren’t, in fact, accurate--and what's more, Frank's got two guys to help him make his point:

Frank McCourt argues the discrepancy reflects a drafting error that was later corrected to reflect the interest of both sides in protecting the couple's homes from creditors should the business assets falter.

He plans to call as witnesses Corey Busch and Robert Leib, members of the transition team that worked with the McCourts before the Dodgers' purchase was finalized in 2004. Busch and Leib each are expected to testify that Jamie insisted the Dodgers be put in Frank's name to insulate her from exposure if the McCourts could not reverse the team's financial losses.

Five days to impact. Brace yourselves.