Monday, August 30, 2010

Delino Sr = SoSG's Nostradamus

Like most of us, the Delino had his issues with the most exciting Dodger since Gagne's salad days.

Back in February, the Delino wrote about how Manny claimed his days in LA were numbered. I responded sympathetically.

Some of you responded with bloggy venom and rage.

Boo! Let Manny be Manny, and let's hope we get a good full productive season on him. Enough needless (and sometimes unfair) piling on by others.

Yeah Boo Hiss! It really took you two whole days to come up with that post?

Yeah, chalk this one up as "couldn't possibly care any less, and what's the all the fuss about?" If our dreadlocked friend wants to spend his twilight years cashing Hank Steinbrenner's or Tom Hick's Checks, more power to him.

So, how do we feel now?

Still, the meshugana will be missed. Even if he's a pain in the tuchas, the man brings excitement and commerce everywhere he goes.

Thankfully, there's lots of great sponsorship opportunities in Chicago too.

Vaya con dios, Manny. Don't let the door hit you on the ass. Don't hump the Honda. And don't forget to bring your number one fan.


Nostradamus said...

I thought Tom Hicks had money back then. Good times.