Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Hate When That Happens

K-Rod punches Baby Mama's Daddy, knocking himself out for the season. This can only happen to a Met. Or a Cub.

The Mets announced closer Francisco Rodriguez tore a ligament in the thumb of his right (pitching) hand, reportedly a result of an altercation with the grandfather of his children last week in the Citi Field clubhouse after a game.

Rodriguez did not travel with the team to Houston after Sunday's game and was examined at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan. An MRI revealed the tear and surgery to repair the tendon has not been set yet.

"I'm disappointed, discouraged, frustrated," Mets manager Jerry Manuel said. "We've been through a lot. We seem to continue to have difficulties in having these type of injuries or setbacks."

Alternate titles for this post:

You Should See the Other Guy

K-Rod Rediscovers Strike Zone

KROD of Shit!

Speaking of Big Dumb Men, I can not say enough good things about The Expendables. Like eating a Slim Jim, it requires (and can only happen when you use) 1% of your brain. And you feel so good afterwards. Until you tell a female about what you've just done.

The Expendables signals the return of one of my personal heroes...

Todd and Delino enjoy the greatest ten hours of their lives (not including marriages, births, engagements, or Eric Roberts festivals)

If like me you can not get enough of Dolph, may I suggest you take three minutes out of your day and play the following:

Click HERE for the only game worthy of Ivan Drago's good name.


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