Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Egg-Zach Lee What We Needed

...some good news!

Logan White searched his sofa cushions and somehow scraped together $5.25 million to sign the unsignable Lee. According to Josh Rawitch, the Dodgers have "a total of 30 of their 50 picks signed, including nine of their top 10 and 13 of their top 15." Does this mean that Frank McCourt is ready to start re-investing in his farm system, or that White is a miracle worker? Whatever the case, Dodger fans now have a glimmer of hope on the horizon.


MeanieBreanie said...

It's the morning after and the good people of LA are still doing backflips. MB is glad to see another Texas boy is headed to the Dodgers. Zach, do me proud. I'm still catching crap over sPODs.

Unknown said...

I like this move. It gives us someone to trade for Mike Fontenot or David Eckstein come 2012.

karina said...

@Andrew if we were to conduct a scientific reseasch study, we would prove that any respectable professional baseball team needs a MSB.

Unknown said...


I'm guessing Ryan Theriot is too tall to be a MSB?

Kyle Baker said...

Theriot is definitely a Light-Hitting White Guy but far too tall to be a MSB. What is he, 5'11"? Giant.

karina said...

@Andrew I don't think Theriot will be with the Dodgers on 2012, we need "fresh MSBs" every season,it's the Dodgers style!

Specially if they play better against the Dodgers than with the Dodgers :)

spank said...

We need big strong horses on this team not poodles.

Josh S. said...

Jamey Carroll is fulfilling the MSB quota through 2011.

Unknown said...

I am petrified that Uncle Ned is assembling a team of players with last names that are women's first names.

Casey Blake
George Sherrill
Jamey Carroll
Ted Lilly

It is frightening. Who is next?

Unknown said...

Potential Targets for Ned:

Andrew/Homer Bailey
Matt Joyce
Don Kelly
Carlos Rosa

Kyle Baker said...

That is an interesting line of thought, Andrew. I was worried he was assembling too many Light-Hitting White Guys. Now evidence seems to show that he's assembling a team of Light-Hitting White Girls.