Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Keith Law Thinks the Lilly/Theriot Trade Rocks, BTW

Keith Law of ESPN.com's not only got Ted Lilly love, but he also think Ryan Theriot beats Blake DeWitt by a nose when it comes to potential-left-in-peaked-2Bs (insider only):

The Dodgers did well to get Ted Lilly, who has drifted into "crafty lefty" territory but has the array of off-speed weapons to pull it off.

His stuff isn't always consistent from start to start, but over the course of several outings you'll see an above-average curve, change and sometimes even slider from him. By changing speeds and throwing any pitch in any count, he helps his now below-average fastball play up. The main concern on Lilly, as with any pitcher who works in the mid- to upper-80s (or below), is that he's becoming increasingly homer-prone, although he's moving to a slightly better environment for fly-ball pitchers.

The Dodgers also acquired Ryan Theriot, who can run and fill in all over the infield but shouldn't be trusted with too many at-bats, as he has no power and pitchers seem to have figured out that they're better off challenging him than risking a walk. Unlike Blake DeWitt, who goes to the Cubs, Theriot offers defensive value and flexibility at a small cost at the plate.

Picking up Lilly while improving their defense at second slightly without giving up any of their top 10 prospects is a solid move for the Dodgers. Lilly is a strong upgrade over their various fifth starter options and is good enough to pitch in their playoff rotation if necessary.

In exchange, the Cubs get DeWitt, who can't run, can't play short and isn't a good enough hitter to play every day at second or third. He's young and at least has a chance to improve, whereas Theriot has already peaked, but DeWitt wasn't a great prospect even before he exhausted his eligibility.

Somehow, I'm not convinced. Maybe it's because the Dodgers haven't won a game since this trade was rumored. I don't know.


QuadSevens said...

Lilly...is good enough to pitch in their playoff rotation if necessary.

Playoff rotation? This guy really is crazy.

Nostradamus said...

I'd like to see an honest evaluation of what the Dodgers' "Top 10 Prospects" actually are.

Josh S. said...

Lilly is Jon Garland 2.0: Innings eater who will be dropped like a hot potato for the playoffs (assuming a miracle happens and they make it that far).

I just hope he doesn't also sign with a division rival and pitch with a chip on his shoulder.

Paul said...

I am so excited to see who this year's Jim Thome will be for the Dodgers!!!

Is Shawn Green around?

Wesley Vento said...

Lilly's first order of business should be breaking Adrian Gonzalez's face, in keeping with Battletoad's tradition of face breaking.

Loney Fan said...

Ted Lilly and I are going down there tonight to make sure this bullshit is put to an end. I wasn't going to attend a single game this year. I was going to let them win on their own merit, but it has become apparent they need my Shpuntness.

rbnlaw said...

Le sigh.

The Riot did have some sparkling defensive plays last night. Now about that bat. . .