Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The End of Mannywood?

Eagle-eyed viewers who put up with the farce that was last night's game might have noticed that the left field "Mannywood" sign is now gone. Innnnnnnnteresting. As per the AP wire (no link):

LOS ANGELES (AP) - "Mannywood" is no more at Dodger Stadium.

When the Los Angeles Dodgers opened a seven-game homestand Monday night with the San Diego Padres, the "Mannywood" sign that adorned the short fence in the left-field corner was absent -- as was the slugging left fielder, who is on the disabled list for the third time this season.

Ramirez came to the Dodgers at the trade deadline two years ago from the Boston Red Sox, and his arrival caused such a stir that the club designated a section of seats to him and allowed fans to shell out $99 -- his number with L.A. -- for two tickets and two T-shirts per game.

A club spokesman explained that the sign was gone because the John Hancock Insurance Co. purchased signage in each corner for the final two months of the season. It was the only space available on the outfield fence. The spot where Manny's section had been located was available all season, but no one had purchased it until now.

Ramirez, batting .317 with eight home runs and 39 RBIs in 61 games, is in the final season of a two-year, $45 million contract and isn't expected back next season.

I'd be surprised to see him back for long this season, as well. (Sigh.)

ESPN.com echoes the Mannywood paint-over, with a quote from Josh Rawitch: "That space has been for sale all season. We recently sold it so that's why the sign is no longer there," Dodgers spokesman Josh Rawitch said. "The promotion is still available for purchase, the two T-shirts and two tickets in that section for $99 is still in place."


Pride of Dong said...

Now I have to buy tickets and sit in Mannywood once. Maybe even buy the dread wig. Add to my collection of one time awesome collectibles.

I'm looking at you "Game Over" T Shirt!

Josh S. said...

The space was purchased by Johnsonville Sausage.

Kyle Baker said...

Here's another kick to the nuts:

RT @DodgersFYI: Reality check. If the #Padres play .500 the rest of the way the #Dodgers need to go 37-19 in their remaining games to tie.

Josh S. said...

No need to do the math. The Padres won't be playing anywhere near that badly.

Nostradamus said...

Of course they won't! They've still got 9 games versus the Dodgers.

karina said...

@Dusty Baker @Mr C @Josh this is when I kick you under the table!

Kyle Baker said...

This would me one of many presumed times we'd need to be kicked under the table, Karina.