Thursday, December 17, 2009

Star Wars Kicks

I'm a Star Wars geek and even I don't know how to feel about this official Star Wars/adidas collaboration (click on pictures for larger versions):

Fantastic concept but so-so execution. Good thing I'm not a sneakerhead.


Jason said...

Is that a stop watch built into the tongue of the Luke vs. Darth shoes? I'm pretty sure they still beat you up for something like that in middle school.

Josh S. said...

I own this and this and I wear them proudly. But I feel like if I added these shoes or any of these hats, I'd be crossing into some irredeemable area of embarrassing nerddom.

Fred's Brim said...

Yodiddas: no
X-Wing: no
Vader: NO!
Tie: yes
Sand: no
Luke: yes
Falcon: yes, but i can't tell how these are not just grey stan smiths
Duel: huh?
Death Star: looks like a coffee stain, but not bad
AtAt: no

and Josh, I did the Fettshirt

Fred's Brim said...

*dig the Fettshirt

MR.F said...

I like the Tie Fighter one. The others... not so much.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Call me a freak but...I DIG EM.

Keven C said...

The tie fighter shoe is nice. The rest? Eh.

Greg Hao said...

@Josh, that bobafett hoodie's kinda hot. These sneaks, not so much.

karina said...

Even though i'm the high heels kind (the higher, the better), these sneakers are sort of cool. Love the Vader ones, they're exactly the kind i wear to workout (short cut, all black). The Luke ones are awesome and they'd look sweet with skinny jeans (with the risk of looking a little hipster-ish), the AtAt ones have excellent construction and understated detail, the question is (as in any white shoes) how can you style them without looking childish, corny or gangsta?

Commentary brought by Guest Fashion Police at SoSG.

p.s @Josh: those hoodies are incredibly cool, specially the Boba Fett one. You could say that hoodie is made of pure awesome. I'm glad you're passing that style on Lucas :)