Monday, December 07, 2009

Jays Want To Talk Halladay; Dodgers Don't Have Their Listening Ears On

From Jayson Stark, who claims to be at the Winter Meetings (10:34p today):

Jays talked to Dodgers about Halladay Monday. Looks like they don't match up

Yeah, the Dodgers are going to be big players this offseason, yessiree. Pay no attention to the pesky pending divorce case behind the curtain.


Nostradamus said...

Wrong Holliday tag there, Saxy.

Steve Sax said...

good catch Mr C. Pay no attention to the vacationing and distracted Sax.

Nostradamus said...

Here's an easy mnemonic device.

Roy HALladay plays in the AL.

Matt Holliday catches the ball will his nuts.

rbnlaw said...

If the Jays would take Ol' Mc Donald off our hands, we could make that deal. Problem is, they keep using words like "Kershaw" or "Billingsley," which may mean something different in Canadian. Not being a fluent speaker of their language, that's all I can figure out.

Take off, eh.