Thursday, December 31, 2009

Can Colletti Corral the Bison?

From "Dodgers, Kemp Talk Multi-year" by Ken Gurnick on's Hot Stove Blog:

The Dodgers have opened discussions on a multi-year contract with Matt Kemp, but his agent said Kemp might prefer to go year to year.

"We've only talked about it a little bit, so who knows where it's going to go?" said former Dodgers pitcher Dave Stewart, who represents Kemp and pitcher Chad Billingsley.

When long-terming youngsters became all the vogue a few years ago, the Dodgers stood as an example of a big-budget, large-market team that could afford to go to arbitration on a regular basis. The Diamondbacks' ill-conceived six-year extension for Chris Young (2009: .212/.311/.400) seemed to reinforce the Dodgers' thinking.

Then three interesting things happened:

  1. Russell Martin, previously a prime candidate for an extension, wasn't interested, then changed his mind, then had a bad year — further making the Dodgers look smart,
  2. Matt Kemp exploded, and
  3. the belt-tightening began in earnest.

Given the Dodgers' uncertain financial future, locking up Kemp makes more sense than ever. But will Kemp and Stewart want to play ball? That talks have even begun is a positive sign, but never expect a player to do a team any favors. Still, locking up the Bison would be a great way to enter the 2010 season.

photo by Harry How/Getty Images


Kyle Baker said...

In our favor, there is no way McCourt(s) send signal to fans that he/they are pulling back on this large of a scale - not locking in our youth brigade for the future. People would be PISSSSSED if they try to gank Bison.

rbnlaw said...

Had a whimsical moment when I fantasized about my daughter dating the Bison. She's the right age (22), and, hey, who wouldn't want him as a son-in-law?

Sign him Ned; sign him.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

@Rbnlaw - Matt's already got himself a gf, and word on the street is that it's Rihanna.

Kyle Baker said...

Someone needs to mention the hopefully prophetic blue moon blazing above the land tonight. I know it's not actually blue, but any moon referred to as blue has to be a sign for the Dodger Blue faithful, no?

Can we sacrifice a virgin? What about AC Green?

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...


Neeebs (The Original) said...

Is AC still a virgin?

Kyle Baker said...


No, AC isn't any more. But he's still a good prop in virgin jokes.

And no, it wasn't me...

rbnlaw said...

Thanks for harshing my dream, dude.

That Rihanna is a looker, though.

DodgerBlue said...

Sign The Beast!
Hands Down Favorite player in the team. and after him pierre was there but now i guess maybe ethier or DeWitt if he comes up :).

LimeLight said...

Rhianna got herself a nice catch (Matt Kemp)... or should I say the other way around.