Thursday, December 03, 2009

Dodgers to Be Winter Wallflowers

...but at least Chad Billingsley isn't going anywhere. From "Dodgers likely to be patient at Meetings" by Ken Gurnick at

[Ned] Colletti again shot down speculation that the Dodgers either want, or are willing, to move Billingsley.

"I can't trade him," Colletti said. "Where do you find another one? I need more, not less."

The Hot Stove is going to be is going to be powered by a can of Sterno this year. To see how the Dodgers are faring, keep your eyes on what the rest of the division does.

UPDATE: Still, holes need to be filled. Here's an indication of the level the Dodgers are operating at (all links from MLBTR):

UPDATE: More MLBTR speculation:

and an older item:


Josh S. said...

Braves pick up Saito.

Bryan said...

Phillies got polanco.

Wicks said...

MLBTR also say we are going after SF SP Noah Lowry....that would be good!

Chappy said...

This sucks

Kyle Baker said...

Noah Lowry...Noah Baumbach...Noah Hunter from later 90210 episodes...fuck that.

This fiscal austerity make Hulk sad.

Bryan said...

red sox get scutaro

Paul said...

I believe In yesterday but I live in today which gives me no faith in tomorrow.

Fred's Brim said...

I'd rather they just come out and say "We are going to fill all spots with the talent we already have in the organization" instead of exhuming these corpses and depressing me further

Josh S. said...

"We are going to fill all spots with the talent we already have in the organization"

Haeger (or McDonald)

McDonald (or Haeger)
Wade or Elbert or Troncoso (or 2 of them if you go with 12)

Martin C
Loney 1B
DeWitt 2B
Furcal SS
Blake 3B
Manny LF
Kemp CF
Ethier RF

(Third infield backup if going with 11 pitchers)

You know what? I'm cool with that lineup. The bench is no threat, but this team could be scrappy enough to win. Go with it and let us worry about other crap until Spring Training.

Josh S. said...

Though, a few cheap signings would help to pad things in case of injuries. My above roster leaves the cupboard pretty bare.