Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Flo vs Deltalina Round I-B Rules

Congrats to Team Deltalina for their victory in Round I-A! Team Flo better muster up a victory in Sub-Round I-B.

1F. Josh S & Drewdez
2D. Fred's Brim & Bryan
3F. QuadSevens & Matthew
4D. rbnlaw & Steve Dittmore
5F. w.d.d.i.m. & Keven C
6D. Scott & Matt
7F. Dunkhawk & Felix Pardalis
8D. Wicks & TD
9F. Dr Geek & John G
10D. Greg & djansson
11F. Mr Customer & MattyA
12D. Fanerman & Jason
13F. Neeebs & MLASF
14D. J Steve & Dusty Baker

Now buckle up for Round I-B, starting tomorrow. It's basically a game of hot potato. Here are the rules:

  • Tomorrow at 9am PT, a post will appear titled "Flo vs Deltalina, Round I-B Begins!"
  • You will see above you are paired with another player on your team, with a total of 7 pairs per team.
  • Each pair is numbered 1-14 and in sequence (the letter F or D merely indicates Flo or Deltalina).
  • The pairs must comment in sequence. Pair 1F must comment first. Either player in the pair - Josh S or Drewdez - may comment. It is not necessary for both players to comment. As soon as either one comments, it is Pair 2D's turn to comment.
  • Again, either player in pair 2D - Fred's Brim or Bryan - must comment. Once one of them does, the 'hot potato' goes to Pair 3F, and so on.
  • At four subsequent, unannounced-but-already-determined times between 9am and 5pm, four additional posts will appear titled "FvD Round I-B: Checkpoint X," where X is a number 1 through 4.
  • At each of the four "Checkpoint" post, which have already been scheduled (i.e., this game is completely unbiased), whoever's turn it is to comment gets penalized by having the other team get a point. Basically you don't want to get caught with the hot potato when the Checkpoint posts appear. Two examples:
    • If the "Checkpoint 1" post appears at 10:00am, and pair 2D had posted at 9:55am, followed by Pair 3F at 10:03am, Team Deltalina would score a point because when the Checkpoint 1 post appeared at 10am, it was Pair 3F's turn to comment.
    • If the "Checkpoint 1" post appears at 10:00am, and pair D2 had posted at 9:59am, followed by Pair F3 also at 9:59am, followed by Pair D4 at 10:00am, Team Flo would score the point because Pair F3 was the last to comment (and thus Pair D4 was caught on deck).
  • All Checkpoints are worth 1 point except Checkpoint 4, which is worth 2 points.
  • As always, comments are welcome at anytime, but only comments made in turn count towards the game.
  • If one pair falls asleep and never responds when their turn comes up, after an hour any other member of that team can swoop in with a comment to pass the hot potato to the next pair in the sequence.
  • If the sequence gets down to the last pair (14D), the sequence kicks back up to the first Pair 1F.
  • Once the fourth checkpoint is posted, whichever team has the most points wins!
  • Just FYI - the Checkpoint posts will have comments disabled just to avoid confusion of people commenting in the wrong thread.

Until tomorrow at 9am, rest up!


Orel said...

This is more complicated than the BCS!

QuadSevens said...

I'm setting the over/under on comments for the Round 1-B thread at 250.

Greg Hao said...

w00t w00t Time to call in sick tomorrow! Heh.

Eric Karros said...

It's not too bad. To sum up: just comment in the sequence indicated and don't get caught on deck when the 4 "Checkpoint Posts" appear.

Eric Karros said...

Please note I corrected an error in the example in the rules, indicated in bold.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

I apologize to Team Flo. If it were any other day but today, I'd have been able to post after Neeebs, but today my schedule was really screwy.

Orel said...

Okay, I get it now. I guess instructions scare me.

Neeebs (The Original) said...


Thursday will be my screwy day.

Kyle Baker said...

I thought my cat-herding in the Assembly today was tough going. Then I read the new rules. I'm going to see if I still have my old trig text to see if there are some answers there.

Nostradamus said...

No worries, the word is that team Flo comes on light the first day...

*dragged offstage before I can deliver a "hitting for the cycle" line.*

Bryan said...

I'm feeling a bit under the weather...so we'll see how this goes

Josh S. said...

Phone alarm set. No dropping the ball this time.

Unknown said...

QuadSevens, do we want to set some kind of team strategy?

Fred's Brim said...

Bryan, how are you feeling this morning?

Would you be able to cover the later hours? I have to leave right at 2 PST. I am good from 9 until 2 if you need to sleep in, take any medicines and get your cortisone shots

QuadSevens said...

I should be at my desk hitting refresh most of the day. The only time I leave my desk is for lunch around noon. If we both comment, it doesn't hurt anything. How's your day looking Matthew?

rbnlaw said...

I get paired with rookie phenom, S. Dittmore. The Flo-sters must be quaking.

Update: I'll be in meetings all day tomorrow and possibly with no computer access. Must bring crappy laptop.

Steve Dittmore said...

@rbnlaw - We should use the time difference to our advantage. I don't teach today so can watch during day, but from about 2 pm PT-on, I'll have a hard time

Bryan said...

Oh that's good to hear. I just woke up but i feel like i need some more sleep. i was just gonna post and then wake up again in hour intervals, but i should be good by 1:30