Sunday, December 06, 2009

Fat, Surly Guy Won't Return to Giants

Brad Penny turns down an offer to return to the Giants. And if they go with Parker Posey as their starting catcher next year and exile Bengie Molina, that post-game spread is all yours, Kung Fu Panda:

SAN FRANCISCO -- Right-hander Brad Penny and infielder Juan Uribe have turned down one-year contract offers to return to the San Francisco Giants.

General manager Brian Sabean said Friday the club made a one-year offer with incentives to Penny and a one-year offer with an option and buyout to Uribe, but both free agents declined. The Giants aren't in further talks with either player right now. [...]

One of Sabean's top priorities heading into next week's winter meetings in Indianapolis is the catcher spot, but he acknowledged it could take a while for that position to get settled. Bengie Molina is a free agent and has said he wants a multiyear deal -- and San Francisco doesn't plan to offer anything beyond a year. The Giants have Buster Posey as their catcher of the future.

Thanks to rbnlaw for picking this up Saturday morning. (I had shopping to do, okay? Someone's gotta fuel this economic recovery!)


Greg Zakwin said...

Well at least we now know the next guys on Colletti's radar.

chexxum said...

Molina to C, Martin to 3rd, Blake to 2nd?

John G said...

Id be more up for Molina to C, Martin + Loney for a 1B with power.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

@Chexxum - Blake has played a grand total of one inning at second base during his major league career.

rbnlaw said...

I reassert my vow to buy and Angels cap if Colletti signs Penny.

Jason said...

Latest rumor has Penny about to sign with the Cardinals. Between Penny and Dennys Reyes, I foresee a severe shortage of St. Louis style ribs in the near future.