Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Dead Zone Reading

Is it me or has this off-season been especially dead? (It must be me.) I wonder if the manic energy we expended in supporting the Dodgers' best season in decades has sapped some of our off-season zeal. Or maybe it's just the holiday blues. Regardless, don't worry — our hibernation is merely temporary. Anyhoo, forthwith with the linkage:


Greg Hao said...

That's a kick ass pic, was my user pic for a while! As far as the off season goes, I think this period (post Winter Meeting) through the early part of the new year is always kind of dead but because of everything that's happening ownership-wise, it just SEEMS that much worse.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Cricket noises


rbnlaw said...

The D-Backs signed Bob Howry, thus locking them in as the de-facto favorite to win the NL West.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers purchased the contracts of 100 ice cream pushcarts from the area surrounding Echo Park.

rbnlaw said...

Oh, and Gagne as the #1 Dodger of the decade? I guess so.
No one else has a record to brag about. Interesting fact: the top ten list includes 3 drug cheats.
Lo Duca

Kyle Baker said...

Dodgers should look into parking some roach coaches in the parking lot as concession overflow contingency. Only thing is, these would set the benchmark higher for cleanliness, management, and efficiency and make the Dodger concession stands jealous.

Paul said...

Man someone needs to dust this place. I barely noticed that was a vintage root down single lp laying on Dusty's chair.

Mark DeRosa officially sucks.

Nostradamus said...


Not having checked, I would guess that more teams have 30% of their last decade's top 10 in the sin bin than not.

Fred's Brim said...

little known fact: Dusty is one of the Dust Brothers

rbnlaw said...

Mr. C:
I guess we could start with the reigning World Champs, no?

In breaking news: Mets sign Jason Bay. I'm guessing Bay did not check the dimensions at Citi Field before he signed. NL East hitters will begin taking extra BP, shooting for the alley in left-center and down the line in left.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

...Wait, did you here that?

It sounded like a squishy noise of some kind.

I do believe it's Scott Boras shitting his pants, knowing there's only one team who wants Holliday.

Kyle Baker said...

Have you ever seen me in the same room as the Dust Brothers? Huh? Think about it.

Kyle Baker said...

Oh, and for the record:

I got ill - I got busted
I got dust and I got dusted

StolenMonkey86 said...

2006 was when I got into reading the Dodger blogs, so I must agree.