Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Flo vs Deltalina: Penalty Kicks

Here are the standings after the regulation 3 rounds. Please verify:

GROUP A overall
GROUP C overall
1. Fred's Brim
1. djansson
2. TD
2. Mr C
3. Jason
3. Wicks
4. Matt
4. J Steve
GROUP B overall
GROUP D overall
1. Keven C
1. Scott
2. Dusty Baker
2. fanerman
3. Steve Dittmore
3. rbnlaw
4. Greg
4. Bryan

If these standings hold, that means we have some ties to sort out! Tiebreaker rules will be posted here shortly...

Ok, here are our penalty kick matches:

  • GROUP A: TD vs Jason vs Matt
  • GROUP B: Dusty vs Steve Dittmore
  • GROUP D: Scott vs rbnlaw (epic rematch!) for #1 seed


The tiebreaking matchups take place tomorrow at 9am PT. And just like real soccer, they will consist of 5 penalty kick rounds, as follows:

  • Tomorrow at 8am, a thread will appear called "Flo vs Deltalina: Penalty Kick Rounds Begin!".
  • Between 9am and 12noon PT inclusive (note this time window is different from previous rounds), each participant involved in a shootout must post 5 comments.
  • This time, the last two digits of each comment is what matters.
  • I heard somewhere that penalty shooters hit around 75-76% of their shots. So any score 75 or lower will be considered a goal. Anything 76 or above is a miss.
  • At the end of the 5 rounds, whoever has the most goals wins.
  • If it's tied after 5 rounds, it goes to sudden death (each player gets a shot until one hits theirs and the other misses). The time window will be extended to 1pm PT for competitors involved in sudden death.
  • Regarding Group A: Well, having never experienced a three-way myself, I'm gonna have to take a stab at how it will work. I suppose if any two players (or all three) are tied at the end of the 5 shots (including a tie for 2nd place), those players continue in sudden death until one loses or wins.
  • Note that, unlike real soccer, the adversaries don't need to alternate turns in their shots, as this would be impossible to enforce. Scott can comment 5 times followed by rbnlaw's 5 comments an hour later. But be aware if your matchup goes to sudden death, as you will need additional comments.

Got it? Good luck tomorrow for those participating! I will also try to start Round 3 tomorrow afternoon (that's why the penalty kick round was moved up into the morning), but depends on my work schedule...


Greg Hao said...

Personally, I think the blogger software jobbed me.

Josh S. said...


MR.F said...

My score looks right.

Nostradamus said...

Keven's our last, best hope for redemption, it seems.

Nostradamus said...

Charlize was so excited about the rbnlaw-scott contest yesterday, I'm on pins-and-needles to find out what she'll do for the rematch.

(Please, please let it involve streaking)

Jason said...

EK, I assume the 3-way (unsexy version) scoring will use the tie-breaker only for the two tied players. So TD's url ends in 85, Matt's ends in 65 and mine ends in 13 would result in me losing the round (both 5's beat my 3). The tie-breaking second digit would result in TD finishes in first (with his 8 beating Matt's 6).

Note: scoring example was chosen intentionally. Come on reverse jinx!

Eric Karros said...

Hey guess what, I'm revising tiebreaking methodology to a) make it easier to track, and b) make it more closely replicate penalty kicks.

I'll repost shortly. Jason, your question will become irrelevant with new rules. It will still take place tomorrow from 9am to noon PT...

Eric Karros said...

Ok, new tiebreaking rules posted.

MR.F said...

Not that it applies to me, but will sudden death also take place in that 9 AM - 12 PM window?

Eric Karros said...

Good question. I guess we'll extend window an hour to 1pm pt if sudden death is necessary (but only for those involved in the sudden death).

Keven C said...

Thank you for the support, Team Flo.

As our Fl-Omega Man, I'll fly our Flo flag until we're finished.

Matt said...

I may be playing above my head as the 4 seed in this group, but I smell and upset coming....

Steve Sax said...

Group A has the mark of the devil.

MR.F said...

That extra "d" there makes it seem like you smell and there's an upset coming.

Steve Dittmore said...

Dusty v. me = battle for bragging rights in the state of Arkansas. Woo pig.

Kyle Baker said...

Great! I will be in a White House meeting tomorrow afternoon during the PK round, meaning I will have to somehow justify pulling out my computer, using mobile broadband (which will no doubt be tracked by NSA) and taking part in this. I hope this is the sort of notoriety SoSG was seeking - watch Drudge Report to see if I'm outed as a pinko commie liberal for my Deltalina pursuits.

Kyle Baker said...


Is there going to be an essay portion of this test?

Kyle Baker said...

Wait, the thread appears at 8 but the PKs dont' begin ntil 9? So an hour of practice time (e.g., I look at match tape on my video iPod so I know where Ruud van Nistlerooy usually places his kicks)? So a dead hour then the real deal...

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Barry Ain't Coming Back

Orel said...

What a shame.

Eric Karros said...

Dusty - yes: stadium opens at 8am, games begin at 9am.

We need time to let the crowd filter in. Any early arrivers are welcome to watch the practice kicks.

Eric Karros said...

Dusty, I was also going to offer an alternate time window because of your meeting, but then realized that yes, I do want to make you logon to SoSG while at the White House.

rbnlaw said...

"It's an unfortunate ending to a storied career."

I thought that said "steroid career." My mistake.